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STaSIS Drag Race: Stock 2013 Audi Q7 3.0T S-Line vs STaSIS ECU Reflash
STaSIS Q5 Exhaust Clip
STaSIS B8 S4 cat-back exhaust
Snack Time at STaSIS
Audi S5: Tuned to 411bhp by STaSIS - XCAR
New Project 4
STaSIS Q7 Drag Race
2010 SEMA: 2011 Stasis Audi R8
STaSIS TT-RS Customer Testimonial
STaSIS Audi R8- Sights and Sounds
STaSIS S5 4.2 Exhaust
R8 V8 Testing
STaSIS A3 Virtual Drive
S5 4.2 on Dyno
STaSIS Motorsports 2006
STaSIS Audi S4 - First Test

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