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STaSIS R8 V10 Supercharger Install Blog


Read what STaSIS customers are saying about our supercharger and Challenge Extreme components for the R8:

"So stoked on the STaSIS supercharger, by far the wildest thing I have driven, and I have driven a few crazy things..."
- Jon Olsson

"If you want a car that is incredibly dynamic, attractive, with all the capabilities of any supercar, the Audi R8 V10 with the STaSIS supercharger is what you want. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 12 or 13. And, at under $200K including the STaSIS package, the performance is as good or better than the top-of-the-line cars in the world." - Ken Huening
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"The push is effortless, it just feels like this is how the car was supposed to be from the onset. It's not really a maniacal out-of-control surge, although the wail behind your ears certainly sounds it over 4,000 RPMs; it's Audi with a dark passenger"  -Josh Abrams
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"I am most impressed by the unique combination of refinement and neck snapping performance of the Audi after the installation of the STaSIS supercharger package." -Bob
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STaSIS R8 Blog:

Watch installs as they happen all over the world:

05-01-2012 - Photos from Jon Olsson's STaSIS supercharger install at Stertman Motorsport in Sweden. The beast is in transit to NY right now to compete in Gumball 3000!

04-27-2012 - STaSIS is proud to support legendary Swedish skier John Olsson in creating the MOST Extreme winter transporter to date!

04-25-2012 - Install in Belarus

04-24-2012 - Our first R8 V10 customer talks about his experience in the latest issue of Quattro Quarterly magazine. Read article

04-03-2012 - R.O.C.S Auto in Belleville, NJ installing a V10 supercharger!

03-28-2012 - Hoffman Audi New London of CT installing a STaSIS R8 V10 Challenge Extreme Kit.

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03-20-2012 - Here it is, the first STaSIS supercharged V10 in the U.K. - install by APS!

02-16-2012 - Install underway at APS!

12-8-2011 - We are taking a break! Stay tuned because after the holidays we are traveling farther than ever before to install the first kit in the UK!

12-5-2011 - First 2012 V10 / Challenge X kit installed at Audi Coral Springs in FL!

Check out more photos from the install on facebook -

11-17-2011 - Finished with the supercharger install at Hoehn Audi!

11-11-2011 - Install at Audi Mission Viejo in CA-

11-05-2011 - Done!

11-02-2011 - Day 2 of the install at Audi Wilsonville, Oregon-

10-28-2011 - Finished at Audi Bedford, on to Audi Wilsonville in Oregon next!

10-21-2011 - Audi North Shore in Milwaukee has already pulled the engine out for next week's install!

Audi North Shore engine out

10-19-2011 - The engine is out at Hoffman Audi in Connecticut.

Hoffman Install

10-11-2011 - At Reeves Imports in Tampa, cleaning valves.

10-11-2011 - Finished install at Rector!

10-7-2011 -Installing superchargers at Rector Audi, CA and Sewickley Audi in PA this week.

Tech at Sewickley installing the supercharger today

10-3-2011 - Finished photos of the Challenge Extreme V10 kit - installed at Audi Dallas 2 weeks ago!

10-3-2011 - All finished at Braman Audi! Check out our facebook page for the full photo set.

9-30-2011 - About to take the V10 for it's first test drive since the supercharger install at Braman Audi

9-29-2011 - Exhaust and swaybar being installed

9-28-2011 - Moving right along with the supercharger install at Braman Audi.

9-27-2011 - Getting started at Braman Audi

9-26-2011 - Completed V10 at Audi Wilmington, on to Braman Audi in FL!

9-22-2011 - Almost ready for her maiden voyage!

9-22-2011 - Jared and Wilmington tech installing suspension.

9-21-2011 - More updates from Wilmington Audi install. Supercharger is in and ready for exhaust!

9-19-2011 - At Wilmington today

09/16/2011 - Finishing up at Hoehn Audi!

09/16/2011 - Working on the Spyder Scharger install at Audi Dallas today-

09/15/2011 - All finished with the Challenge Extreme install at Audi Austin - off to Audi Dallas tonight to work on the Spyder!

09/09/2011 - Completed install at Pacific Audi in CA!

08/05/2011 - Completed install at Southgate Audi in Canada!

08/02/2011 - UPDATE: Ken gives us his first impression after a few hours with his V10:

"This is a monster. Not difficult to drive but substantially more powerful.  Its almost over the top powerful since I have yet to be able to put my foot all the way to the floor.  I get about 1/2 way there before I either have to shift or backoff because Im already at 100mph and the police get a bit testy at this speed."

08/01/2011 - Ken Huening picks up his newly supercharged V10 from Stevens Creek Audi in CA.

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