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Bell Audi Customer-07/31/2012 - 11:43am

When Audi first introduced the S5 I knew I had to have this car just for its looks, but my heart was really (set) on getting an M3. I took the S5 for its looks and luxuries, still knowing that I’d have much more fun driving a pure sports machine like the M3. Fortunately, Bell Audi educated me on aftermarket performance options offered by STaSIS and the journey began. These folks at STaSIS will spend time with you on the phone or via email addressing any and every concern before or after an install. The peace of mind knowing that the products are engineered for my car and not off the shelf like many aftermarket companies out there is great and the fact is every product goes thru vigorous testing and changes until engineering is happy to call it Audi worthy and ready to offer it exclusively to the Audi market. In the end, STaSIS helped me gap the difference performance wise between my choice of luxury and my want for performance handling. I can say now that I made the right decision to buy Audi and that to some extent I now have the best of both worlds. This car handles like a beast, lateral grip is fabulous and oversteer so easily available if you want it. Like a true rear wheel drive car, you can steer the car with the throttle and command the front tires, any prior limitations of quattro are squashed... Move over BMW!!


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