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Experience the STaSIS Challenge Extreme R8 V10 through the Eyes of Customer #1

On the way home during the first week, I was right behind a stock R8 V8 getting onto a major freeway.  We both got the green light at the same time and he jumped out ahead of me…I gave it a little go juice and caught up with him without a second thought.  He hit the hammer and I barely gave my pedal a tap, then got bored and gave it about 1/2 pedal and watched him disappear. I backed off and he came next to me and he gave me a thumbs up. He's probably Googling STaSIS right now. 

Now, a month after I took delivery of my STaSIS Challenge Extreme R8 V10, I’m as jazzed as I was on day 1. I’m thrilled by the handling. The performance. The daily driver capability. The intercooler. The clean install. The engineer who installed it was astute and knew what he was doing. The product itself looks classic, very down-to-business, and aggressive. It fits well with the persona of the car—classy and sexy.

The results are incredible. You start with a deeper, throatier exhaust, then add the handling. With the STaSIS package, the suspension is as tight, sensitive, and responsive as any mode on my Lamborghini. I own a Ferrari F50, Lamborghini 560-4, and a Viper GTSR racecar that ran at Le Mans. But my STaSIS Challenge Extreme R8 V10 is the fastest car I’ve ever driven. As fast as any racecar. It’s going to challenge on the track.

I took it to FFTEC Motorsports in Union City to get an independent measure of my new ride. They were skeptical, but when they put it on the dynamometer the results were unbelievable—even higher than what STaSIS claims. It hit 734 hp and 571 lb-ft torque when adjusted for the dyno’s calibration, a big step up from the STaSIS published numbers of 710 hp and 523 lb-ft. Even the FFTEC staff was impressed.

This car makes my daily drive around town an experience. But I can’t sneak up on my wife—she hears me coming.


If you want a car that is incredibly dynamic, attractive, with all the capabilities of any supercar, the Audi R8 V10 with the STaSIS supercharger is what you want. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 12 or 13. And, at under $200K including the STaSIS package, the performance is as good or better than the top-of-the-line cars in the world. It’s a great bang for your buck.

About Ken Huening

As an avid car enthusiast, I have owned many supercars, including a Ferrari F50, Lamborghini 560-4, Ford GT, and a Viper GTSR racecar that ran at Le Mans, and have driven others such as the Bugati Veyron. I belong to several car clubs, including Audi and Ferrari, and currently race in the advanced driver class with mostly stock cars—the STaSIS R8 is the exception. I have driven in Autocross and Road Racing at Laguna Seca, Thunderhill and Infineon Raceway. In the off-season, you can find me racing go-karts. 

When I’m not behind the wheel, I am a vice president at Maxim Integrated Products, responsible for the development of automotive semiconductors used in almost every system of the car. You can find Maxim parts in every car platform produced in the US, Europe, and Asia. 

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