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Price Policy:

Price shown is in U.S. dollars, and does not include duties, import fees, taxes, shipping, or labor charges. Package prices include a core exchange credit that is credited when the parts are returned to STaSIS.

Core Return Policy:

For products that are part of our core exchange program, the price shown includes a core exchange credit. To receive this price, the dealer must return the new OEM core products to STaSIS.

STaSIS will credit any qualified OEM core parts from new vehicles that are replaced by a STaSIS part when those parts are returned to STaSIS. Each part will be credited when it is received by STaSIS or its designated clearinghouse, provided it is received in “like new” condition.  

Differential parts MUST be returned to STaSIS, regardless of how the other core parts are handled. 

If a dealer chooses to keep the core parts (other than differential parts) for use or sale as “take-off” parts, the dealer will forfeit the core exchange credit for that product. 

The core exchange program is intended for new vehicles only. OEM parts removed from pre-owned vehicles are not eligible for the core exchange program. Customers should be charged the full product price—including the core charge—for pre-owned vehicles.


All STāSIS products and packages installed by a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

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