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James-09/28/2012 - 11:20am

2011 Audi s4. I purchased the car in Oct 2010. I was a lifer with BMW, including motorcycles. The s4 had every factory upgrade/package.
My friend has a twin turbo 3 series newer model, which is fast. He remarked that,"this car has the same BHP as yours!"
He did not know that I had purchased/upgraded the ECU to Stasis. Months later, I volunteered to drive into Chicago for a gathering.
The on-ramp to the highway was the moment. After paying the toll, I dropped the car into second. Merged into traffic, slowed down. I was silent.
He said, "I think your car is actually faster than mine." It's BHP is north of the quoted 333 stock. I divulged my secret and he asked me if BMW does similar upgrades.

The Stasis ECU upgrade is a no-brainer. It makes the car perform the way it should. Not getting it, is akin to ordering a hot fudge sundae, but holding the hot fudge.


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