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I got the Stasis ECU in 2010 when my S4 had 10000 miles .
The car performs better in high RPM and the gas mileage at cruising speed on highway is a little better.
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I just had the STaSIS V2 Tune done @ Waterfest this year. I have been running the tune for a few weeks now with nothing but good things to say. I am holding boost all the way...
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Awesome service experience. Without a doubt Stasis cares about its customers.
The car now sounds as good as it looks with a added surprise, a monster punch in 2nd gear...
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“I purchased my S4 new with the Stasis challenge kit about 2 months ago.  This car is flat out amazing.  Everyone loves the quiet yet bold look of the wheels and...
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“It is a testament to any product that you find it so compelling that you not only enjoy it, but given the opportunity, you purchase it a second, or third time.  And so is...
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I am an old hot rodder who recently sold my 485rw hp Corvette. I was looking for another car to replace it with as I am addicted to going fast. I bought my A7 a few...
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Bernie S

"...just got the A7 exhaust done and initial impressions follow. If you've heard the phrase "Go hard/big or go home" then you will see what they mean when you first see the...
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It Pulls, and Pulls and Pulls.  That's what I say most often when people ask me my thoughts on the ECU Upgrade Stasis recently installed in my 2012 A6 3.0T.  The...
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Sean G


After having STaSIS on my S4, we had the touring edition installed in my fiancés Q5. And I must say the exhaust looks and sounds great. The increased power is also impressive!...
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Max & Liz

“Your Stasis performance products have exceeded my expectations.  Our dealer installed the upgraded ECU and Exhaust package on my 2011 Audi Q5 2.0T.  The power gains...
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"When Taylor Audi introduced STaSIS to Saskatchewan earlier this year, it made me stop wondering if I should buy an A5...and made me do anything I could to get into an Audi A5...
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"...The point here, though, is to let you know from a certified hotfoot that the partnership with STaSIS works. I am delighted at the no-snake-oil, honest performance increases...
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Audi Chandler Customer


"I just returned from an Audi Club get-together at Turn-5 in Laguna Seca and it still is pleasing to receive complements on the Challenge level parts upgrade to my S-Line A4...
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"With the engine tuning (ECU) and exhaust upgrades, my A4 feels like I threw in a high performance V6.  The difference was noticeable, and substantial, from the first time...
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"With the only Stasis plate in the state and the distinct possibility of this being  the only Stasis Audi, you can put us on your map. Can’t get over how nicely the car...
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Talk about the total package. The A4 is already a comfortable, convenient daily driver...but after the STaSIS Touring package was installed, I can attest to the “everyday...
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Inskip Audi Customer

"Audi coming together with STaSIS can only be described as an unreal experience of raw power and pure style"
"Audi and STaSIS, 2 great players 1 great...
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Father & Son Customers

"My 2009 challenge edition A4 Avant is awesome. The power, handling, and ride set-up put this car on par with many exotics. The best part is that the car is extremely...
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Commonwealth Audi Customer

“I traded in my Chrysler 300 SRT8 for a STaSIS Touring A4, and I wasn’t even in the market for a new car.  When I saw the STaSIS A4 in front of the dealership, the stance...
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Elk Grove Audi Customer

"...The grey wheels are just sick on that car, and it makes the rear look just downright sexy.  I have put it through a few tight turns but nothing radical and the car...
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Stevens Creek Audi Customer

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