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Race-bred adrenaline: it begins in our labs, and ends with the grin on your face.

STaSIS was born in 1999, when two engineers could not let a broken racecar stay broken. In an old horse arena in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, a dream team of engineers took just 18 months to retool two poorly built racecars—taken as payment from a race program gone bad—into race winners and record holders.

From this humble beginning, our racing career took off. We actively competed in the World Challenge Touring Car Series for seven seasons in three generations of Audi A4 touring cars. STaSIS provided Audi with its first U.S. Touring Car victory and went on to capture more than 30 podiums.

Bringing Racing Technology to the Street

Racing is exciting, but our real dream was to share our passion—to bring racing technology to the mainstream automobile market. In 2002, we developed our first consumer product using technology we developed for our racecars, empowering enthusiasts to adjust spring rates, dampening, and ride height. This product captivated our customers with its improved performance and handling around curves while keeping the comfortable ride.

Today, our engineers deliver a complete portfolio of performance-enhancing brake, suspension, driveline and engine products leveraging race-bred technologies from our motorsports experience and top-tier race manufacturers. Our staff has racing experience in Trans Am, World Challenge, ALMS, and Le Mans. We partner with companies who invest millions in R&D each year to develop the best production and competition technology. STaSIS harnesses this technology and brings it to you.

The level of engineering and testing that go into our products is rare in the after-market industry. From our home at Summit Point Raceway, we test products on the track every week, and roll out new products each month. Our products currently include parts for Audi R8, TT, S5, S4, A6, A5, Q5, A4 and A3 models as well as other Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) products. We provide complete vehicles using unparalleled technology to compliment every segment of the vehicle—wheels, suspension, brakes, driveline, and engine. With these products, anybody can run with the best sports cars in the world.

Feel the Thrill

Our passion—to bring racing technology to the mainstream—lets you experience the thrill of a racecar without sacrificing the comfort of your luxury automobile or the peace of mind of the factory warranty.

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