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STaSIS and Our Community

Our passion for performance touches everything we do. When we’re not creating incredible performance machines, our employees support many causes that make a difference to our families and our community, particularly causes that promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

Audi Best Buddies Challenge

In 2012, STaSIS is teaming up with celebrities, athletes, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and people throughout the nation to compete on bike and on foot in Audi’s Best Buddies Challenge. This series of events—held in Washington D.C., Boston, and California—includes races ranging from Century (100 km/62 miles) bike rides to 5K runs and 3K walks. All donations raised for these events benefit Best Buddies International, a non-profit organization that changes lives by fostering one-on-one friendships, integrated employment opportunities, and leadership development for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). STaSIS invites you to support our team by contributing to the cause—and get some cool perks at the same time! 

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Freedom’s Run

On October 1, STaSIS sponsored the Freedom’s Run, a race for health and heritage. Freedom’s Run consists of a series of events—ranging from a marathon to a 5K and a kid’s run—created to increase health awareness, fight obesity, and promote outdoor activity while discovering the rich history of the Shepherdstown, WV area. Among other causes, this race benefits the Wild and Wonderful Trails for Every Child project, which builds nature trails, community gardens, and safe walking and biking trails to connect the community, build family fitness and promote a more healthy lifestyle. STaSIS fielded a team of 15 employees plus many family members despite the cold and rainy weather. 

Freedom Run

Part of Team STaSIS at October’s Freedom's Run.



Team STaSIS members, Sean Lockard, and Henry Hsu finish the Century bike ride (100 km) at Audi's 2011 Best Buddies Challenge in Washington D.C. 






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