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STaSIS Files Lawsuit to Protect Its Eurojet Product Line

October 28, 2011

Contact:   Ted Rozsa, Director, STaSIS, Inc.,
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STaSIS Files Lawsuit to Protect Its Eurojet Product Line

October 28, 2011. (Summit Point, W.Va.)—Officials from STaSIS, Inc. filed a lawsuit yesterday in the Western District of Virginia against three former employees whose actions have hampered STaSIS’ ability to support its Eurojet product line. 

“At this juncture, filing the lawsuit appears to be our best course of action to resolve this unfortunate matter,” explained STaSIS President Paul Lambert. “The matter is now in the court’s hands, and we trust that the court will reach the right decision.”

STaSIS purchased the assets of Eurojet Development Inc. earlier this year as part of a strategic plan to expand into the dynamic Volkswagen performance market space by developing and distributing performance products under the Eurojet brand. STaSIS remains fully committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service for its Eurojet products.

The Eurojet product line is marketed separately from the STaSIS Signature Series products that are sold through Audi dealerships. “While the Eurojet brand is relatively new to STaSIS,” said STaSIS Chief Financial Officer Todd Cope, “we will aggressively protect all of our company assets and take whatever action is necessary to preserve our shareholders’ investment.”

STaSIS is committed to excellence in every phase of its business from engineering its best-in-class performance products to maintaining its impeccable business reputation.

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STaSIS, Inc. engineers performance-enhancing brake, suspension, driveline and engine products, leveraging race-bred technologies from top-tier race manufacturers with a decade of motorsports experience. Our portfolio includes high-performance parts for Audi R8, TT, S5, S4, A6, A5, A7, Q5, A4 and A3 models, as well as other Volkswagen Group products. Our commitment to the highest quality automotive performance products, backed by factory-level warranty and service, allows STaSIS to bring the performance and distinction of exotic car ownership in line with the cost and convenience of a mainstream automobile. For more information please visit


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