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TT RS 2.5 Engine Software (2012 - 2013) Now Available

August 13, 2012

********************* News Alert ********************

TT RS 2.5 Engine Software (2012 - 2013) Now Available!

Peak Delta Gains:

+72 hp / +77 lb-ft 

STaSIS engine software releases the full potential of your Audi vehicle, providing reliable and smooth power increases without sacrificing day-to-day drivability. Our software replaces the Audi software installed in the engine control unit (ECU), and is tuned so you get the best performance and most enjoyable drive from your Audi vehicle. We customize to adjust fuel delivery, boost settings, ignition timing, and other areas that will maximize the performance of your Audi vehicle safely, within the tolerances of the car’s engine and hardware. Large torque increases throughout the RPM range, beginning with significant low-end torque and building from there, offers quick response for all types of driving.

TTRS engine software is available now from STaSIS-certified dealers and independent performance centers worldwide. 

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