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STaSIS Q5 2.0
STaSIS Challenge S4 taking a lap on the Nordschleife at Nurburgring
STaSIS S4 and S5 at Nurburgring (GP circuit and Nordschleife)
STaSIS R8 4.2 Exhaust dyno run
710 HP STaSIS Engineering R8 V10 Spyder
STaSIS Engineering R8 V8 Intake Exhaust Software
STaSIS Engineering B8 S4 product testing
Stasis Engineering S5 Cabriolet
0-60 in the 710HP R8 V10!
STaSIS A7 Exhaust - First Run!
STaSIS Engineering S5 cab
110mph in the STaSIS S5 Cab!
STaSIS TT-RS Customer Testimonial
STaSIS R8 Exhaust - New Prototype Testing
STaSIS Signature Series 2013 B8 A4 2.0T Exhaust System
STaSIS Drag Race: Stock 2013 Audi Q7 3.0T S-Line vs STaSIS ECU Reflash
STaSIS B8 S4 3.0T cat-back exhaust
STaSIS Signature Series R8 V10 Exhaust Testing
STaSIS Signature Series Audi Q7 3.0T exhaust system
STaSIS Q5 Exhaust Clip
STaSIS Touring/Challenge Exhaust Cone Removal
R8 V10 Challenge Extreme in-car hot lap of Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit

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