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Race-Bred Performance for Audi Vehicles

STaSIS brings race technology to the street, adding exceptional performance without sacrificing comfort. Our products create balance by ensuring all systems work in concert, integrating braking, handling, and engine performance so that your car drives like a racecar...but only when you want it to. Best of all, they’re backed by a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty when purchased from an authorized STaSIS dealer.

Engine TuningEngine Tuning: Power You Can Trust

STaSIS powertrain modifications add significant power without sacrificing reliability by integrating improved airflow from our intake, exhaust and forced induction systems with a fine-tuned engine control unit.

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SuspensionSuspension: Responsive and Refined

STaSIS carefully balances the interdependent systems of springs, sway bars, and dampers with ride height and alignment, drastically improving grip without sacrificing comfort.

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BrakingBraking: Harnessing Your Horsepower

Engineered to provide superior response, control and pedal feel, our brake systems ensure outstanding stopping power under any conditions.

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DifferentialDifferential: Asphalt-Eating Traction

STaSIS differentials maximize tire grip for greater acceleration and faster cornering.

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ExhaustExhaust: Increased Power and Presence

Our exhausts reduce back pressure for more power and efficiency, giving you a powerful tone at full throttle that stays refined during your commute.

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Forced InductionEngine hardware: Supercharge Your Ride

For over-the-top power, we deliver turbo and supercharger packages that add up to 200 more hp—under warranty. For extreme enthusiasts only. We also offer intake manifolds that improve airflow and work with other STaSIS products to maximize their potential. 

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Wheels and TiresWheels and Tires: Completing the Package

The right wheels and tires are like putting high-tech sneakers on your car, adding grip to improve performance and balance to your suspension.

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STaSIS Signature Series packages deliver a precise combination of products to achieve the ultimate in performance.

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