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Differential: Asphalt-Eating Traction

STaSIS differentials give you a big bang for your buck, increasing traction and improving handling to significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance. Our differentials automatically adjust power to all four wheels, delivering torque where you need it and when you need it so that you can put power to the ground for real-world performance gains from the engine enhancements you already have.   

For all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles, our high-bias torsen center differential improves the factory’s 2:1 and 4:1 torque distribution ratios, and can reach up to 6:1 depending on driving conditions. Our differential can deliver up to 88 percent of the available power to the wheels that need it most, translating to a significant reduction of wheel spin. This capability changes how your vehicle approaches each part of a turn by transferring power to the front or rear of the car as necessary: 

  • Hard braking leading into a turn—Car acts like a front wheel drive. Wheels turn independently and car control is improved.
  • Mid corner, throttle on—Car acts like an all wheel drive. STaSIS differential delivers equal amounts of power to front and rear wheels. This maximizes grip, allowing more power to be applied at this stage of a turn.
  • Corner exit, hard acceleration—Car acts like a rear-wheel-drive car. Front wheel slip is reduced because the STaSIS differential delivers up to 88% of the engine torque to the rear wheels where the most traction is.

For front-wheel-drive cars, our torque biasing front differential offers a dramatic performance improvement over the stock open differential. The STaSIS differential puts power to the ground more effectively, shifting torque to the side of the car with greater traction. This minimizes wheel spin, reducing torque steer under straight-line acceleration and minimizing under-steer when exiting corners. By more effectively using the grip of both front tires, the vehicle can apply more power to the ground before reaching the limits of wheel spin or traction control, providing more real-world acceleration from the increased power available.

For AWD enthusiasts who want the ultimate more-power-to-the-ground vehicle, you can also add our limited-slip rear differential. This differential optimizes traction across the rear wheels, allowing the center differential to distribute even more power to the rear and providing the ultimate in acceleration for high-hp AWD vehicles. Vehicles equipped with STaSIS center and rear differentials have won nearly every professional competition in North America and continue to win the hearts of journalists and enthusiasts alike, due to their balanced power handling and dramatic corner exit acceleration. 

All STāSIS products and packages installed by a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

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