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Engine Hardware

STaSIS offers engine hardware products that add significant power and improve the efficiency of your vehicle. Our products are designed to provide the optimalbreadth of power across the RPM band, not just peak power at a single RPM level. This means that you can put power to the ground at a continuous rate throughout the RPM range, without the spikes and dips that characterize other solutions. You’ll get the ultimate breadth of power for true performance in real-world situations, both on the track and during your everyday driving. We offer:

All our products are extensively tested for reliability and engine durability with thousands of street miles and hours of racetrack development testing. All STāSIS products and packages installed by a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.


STaSIS turbo kits provide extra boost through a dynamic range of engine speeds, with high flow rates at low engine RPM for drivability plus more power through the entire RPM range.

STaSIS turbo chargers minimize turbo lag by replacing the factory turbo with a larger, more efficient assembly. Use of pulse-matching technology, like that found in twin scroll-designed turbo chargers, allows higher airflow rates at lower engine speeds. High-flow fuel injectors allow sustained wide-open throttle use and a redesigned diverter valve provides long life under high-temperature conditions. 

High-Flow Fuel Injectors—To support the increased fuel demand for a turbo-powered vehicle, STaSIS provides a new high-flow fuel injector that provides an optimal spray pattern.

Redesigned Diverter Valve—For some kits, the diverter valve has been redesigned to accommodate the higher level of boost pressures, improving durability and reliability. The valve has also been relocated, protecting it from the heat of the turbo and improving performance by maintaining a uniform charge pressure.


For extreme enthusiasts, STaSIS offers supercharger packages that add up to 200 more hp to your vehicle—under warranty. Our Superchargers maximize power and durability by turning at low speeds to generate the desired boost levels. Larger amounts of power and torque are available from 2000 RPM all the way up to 7500 RPM, providing one of the most exhilarating driving experiences available from any sports car. Benefits include:

  • Low rotating speed requires less parasitic drag from the engine and adds less heat to the charge air.
  • Stand-alone cooling system, separate from the vehicle’s cooling system, cools the supercharger and stabilizes running temperatures.

The R8 V10 supercharger offers up to 2300 cc of air per revolution using a TVS 2300 blower, the largest Magnusson/Eaton blower in production. The R8 V8 supercharger has the same design, and offers up to 1900 cc of air per revolution. Our superchargers create up to 7.5 psi of boost pressure, increasing power output by up to 35%. An interdependent water cooling system maintains constant air temperatures for consistent high power output.

Our superchargers—constructed primarily of CNC-machined aluminum for durability, strength, and reliability—bolt on to the engine with no machining or welding necessary. STaSIS offers the only supercharger kits in the industry with a factory-matching 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty. 


For certain models, STaSIS also offers high-performance intake manifolds that add 17% more airflow to the engine for faster engine response and more power at high engine speeds. Our intake manifolds are modified using a cutting-edge abrasive flow machining process to create larger and more efficient air passages, and are hand-assembled to our engineering specifications. They have been optimized and tested on a Superflow Test Bench and in the real world to provide just the right balance of engine power.

Our intake manifolds are designed to work in conjunction with high-performance exhaust systems and application-specific engine tuning to create a complete, balanced package for optimal efficiency and power. Our high-performance port and flow (HPPF) kit for the R8 V8 is an excellent example, pairing the STaSIS intake manifold with our exhaust system and optimized software tuning to maximize the potential of each product.

STaSIS intake manifolds fit factory intake ports, fuel lines and emission lines and components for easy assembly and to eliminate the chance of fuel leaks.

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