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Exhausts: Increased Power and Presence

STaSIS exhausts are designed to reduce back pressure for more power and efficiency. You’ll have a powerful tone at full throttle that stays refined during your commute so you can take care of business while enjoying your ride.

Our lightweight, free-flowing, T304 stainless steel exhaust systems work in harmony with the engine tuning software. The mufflers incorporate reflective and passive technologies to optimize sound and minimize back pressure, while maintaining low levels of cabin resonance at cruising speeds.

Combined with tunable resonators, the sound is noticeably deeper and more aggressive without intruding in the cabin during normal driving conditions. You'll experience a number of benefits:

  • Optimized sound — Resonators and mufflers combine to give an exhaust tone that is perceptibly deeper and stronger with an aggressive throttle, without intrusive cabin noise at cruising speeds.
  • Optimized performance — Our exhausts add horsepower to your vehicle. For even more performance gains, combine an exhaust with STaSIS engine software.
  • Tunable resonators — Some models offer customer-tunable resonators to customize the sound to your personal ideal.
  • Compatibility and ease of install — STaSIS exhaust systems are designed to work in concert with our other performance products., and offer a direct bolt-in replacement for the factory exhaust. No welding or fabrication is required. Our two-piece, long-length design provides out-of-the-box fitment, without needing multiple adjustments or customization.

All STāSIS products and packages installed by a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

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