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STaSIS Challenge Extreme R8: The Story Behind the Black Badge

Some of us will never grasp the concept of “good enough.” 

When a V8 will do, we need a V10.  If a V10 is enough, we need a V12. If black is cool, make mine matte black. At STaSIS, we understand this affliction. We support it. We applaud it. We live it. 

When we began building turn-key STaSIS Signature Series vehicles 12 years ago, they were built from the spare parts bins of our race programs. They were designed by the engineers and professional race drivers as their personal expression of the ultimate street car. They were applauded by magazines. They decimated street car competitions. They were esteemed to be the ultimate, and yet to those engineers these cars never would be “good enough.” 

While our buildings may be larger and product list longer, this spirit lives on. 

If you visit the newest STaSIS center at Summit Point raceway, you may notice a building separated from the others. There are no doors on the front. The windows are 30 feet high, bringing natural light but no prying eyes. The walls are heavy stone block, protecting it from the outside world and culturally separating it from the multistory glass and aluminum corporate home next door. It is connected by a small glass atrium, a single point of entry into a different world. Within this building are work bays, machining centers, and dynamometers that can measure everything from an individual damper to a complete car. The office windows in the rear look out into the rolling hills of West Virginia horse country, while the expansive glass roll-up doors of the work bays open directly onto a racetrack.

Our back yard is a proving ground of undulating turns and straight-aways that allow our latest creations to approach 180 mph before diving into tight turns and accelerating out of big sweepers. Here engineers test their creations daily. Here the spirit lives on. Here “good enough” never will be.  

From this world has emerged a new series of STaSIS vehicles. Creations not bound by market constraints, but designed as an expression of automotive passion. Creations that encapsulate our vision of the ultimate street car. Vehicles that the mainstream media has deemed “extreme.” Vehicles like the STaSIS R8. 

Challenge Extreme vehicles drive our passion and bind our team. To the outside world they are distinguished by little more than their black badging and unique build numbers. To the true aficionados, they are distinguished by their personal and very potent character.

In our engineering workshop is a plaque that memorializes the name of every R8 Challenge Extreme owner, serving as a daily reminder of the people who share our passion for performance. If you find yourself near Summit Point, we would love to meet you, hear your experiences, and schedule permitting, let you stretch your vehicle’s legs at the place where it was born.

For those of you who come across a STaSIS Challenge Extreme vehicle, you can be assured there is something very special about the vehicle and the person piloting it.

If you are one of the few for whom “good enough” never is, we share your passion, and invite you to join our family.

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