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Suspension: Responsive and Refined

When you put more power to the ground, you need more control. STaSIS carefully balances the interdependent systems of springs, sway bars, and dampers with ride height and alignment, drastically improving your Audi vehicle’s grip without sacrificing comfort. You’ll experience a number of benefits:

  • Racecar control, factory ride—STaSIS technology provides extremely quick reaction to driver inputs, gives your car neutral handling characteristics, and yet stays comfortable under daily driving conditions. Our engineers have tailored the spring rates and damper valving to suit each Audi vehicle, providing superior handling balance and ride quality.
  • Adjustable ride height—Your car’s ride height is up to you. Depending on the Audi model, you typically can choose a ride height from just below factory height to as much as 1.5” lower to meet your specific needs. The ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) perch (and bearing if applicable) allows easy adjustments by decreasing the friction between the perch and spring, eliminating spring “wind-up” under compression. This design provides a more accurate suspension movement and increased reliability.
  • Reasonable cost and convenience—STaSIS suspensions take the best features from its racing lineage and adds components that are more durable for street use. This doubles the service life, with a negligible penalty in precision. STaSIS Challenge and Motorsports suspensions always provide the desirable performance and ride quality characteristics found in racing-level suspensions, off the shelf, at a lower price—no customization required.
  • Customization options for the extreme enthusiast—For gearheads who want to tune their Audi vehicles to their exact needs, STaSIS Motorsports suspensions allow precise adjustments of ride height, spring rate, and damping forces for the ultimate in customization. These kits use some of the same hardware found on racing cars and are valved for both street and track.  

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STaSIS Suspensions—Touring, Challenge, Motorsports

STaSIS invented its suspension technology for one reason—to win races. We have adapted this technology to street suspensions that offer the highest levels of performance, with the comfort expected in a street car. We offer different levels of control and customization so our customers can get the exact balance they are looking for.

STaSIS Touring suspensions lower your stance, providing a lower center of gravity and less body roll while maintaining the factory Drive Select functionality. We’ve engineered a slightly increased spring rate to improve your car’s response, and matched high-performance roll bars for added cornering grip and reduced body roll, giving you an introduction to the exotic performance experience. 


STaSIS Challenge suspensions go a step further, unleashing your car’s ultimate potential. We use Ohlins SL coil-over technology and STaSIS double digressive valving for factory-level ride comfort with competition-level response to driver inputs, yet enough durability for the street. This suspension uses increased spring rates and anti-roll bars to improve driver response and reduce body roll.

The heart and soul of this kit is our custom dampers, which are designed, valved, and built in-house using Ohlins-based internals. Ohlins technology is used in IndyCar, NASCAR, and many touring car series, and they set the benchmark for state-of-the-art. This technology combined with our development and testing create a world-class suspension that is perfectly matched to the soul of your car.


For the extreme enthusiast, we offer Motorsports suspensions for certain models that include even more race-bred components, allowing you to personalize your Audi vehicle for street or track and tune to your exact specifications. These suspensions build on the Challenge design, providing adjustable damping settings so you can fine-tune both the rebound and compression curves. They kits use the exact same technology as what is used in NASCAR and Touring cars, and give you the ultimate in control and customization.

Just because these kits are all racing-grade products, you don’t have to live with an uncomfortable ride. Even if you aren’t taking your car to the track, you can use the customization to dial in the perfect ride for comfort and performance that suits your personality.

All STāSIS products and packages installed by a STaSIS-certified dealer are backed by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty. See Suspension Warranty for details and maintenance requirements. 

Suspension Feature Comparison:

Feature Touring Challenge Motorsports
Dampers Factory Digressive Adjustable Digressive
Height adjustability No Yes Yes
Valving characteristics Factory Digressive Damping Digressive Damping
Damping adjustability No No Compression and rebound (separately)
Spring type Progressive Linear Linear
Spring rates Fixed Fixed User selectable
Spring adjustability None Height Height, rebound, compression
Maintains Drive Select functionality Yes No No
Anti-roll bars Yes Yes Optional
Use Mild performance upgrade, lower stance Custom tailored, height adjustable, optimal damping for performance, comfort, balance Fully customizable height, spring rate, rebound, compression, just like professional racecars


STaSIS Suspension Engineering

Suspension Design

The suspension is what controls your car, defining more than just the ride quality—it’s the entire character of how the car behaves. The right suspension transforms your Audi vehicle so you can handle increased horsepower and grip with confidence and control.

STaSIS designs each suspension top to bottom. We have our own components precisely machined for Audi vehicle fitment for each individual model.

Through engineering theory and testing, we choose the best spring rate, anti-roll bar size, ride height, and create custom-tuned dampers (all done fully in-house) that together will outperform any other products in the market.

STaSIS Dampers

It’s a common misconception that stiffer springs mean a rough ride. While springs affect ride quality, dampers are what control spring motion:

  • In compression the damper controls the road input transmitted through the tires into the suspension
  • In rebound, the damper controls the body motions by damping the stored energy in the springs.

Ride comfort is purely a function of the damper valving being properly matched to the Audi vehicle and spring rates so that the springs work for your car. What makes a STaSIS damper so good is how the valving—which controls the damper curve—is precisely matched to the car. Your inputs and the car’s response is a constant dialog, and our suspension makes sure you are both speaking the same language. The car does exactly what you want, when you want it to. 

The way the car reacts to bumps, rough roads, dips and road irregularities is all in the valving. The way the car feels as you turn into a corner, as you power out of the corner is determined by the contrast in the front vs. rear valving. The way the car instantly responds to your inputs, as well as ride quality, is all in the valving. There is a very narrow zone that allows for both a crisp response and a comfortable ride, and results in a balanced, neutral-handling car. Our mission is to find that sweet spot with each suspension kit we offer.

Suspension Testing

This precision does not come overnight. We spend countless engineering hours valving and revalving the dampers to find the perfect balance of performance and comfort, and to find the perfect front-to-rear damping so that the car turns with the grace of an athlete.

We start in the shop, on paper with a baseline. The baseline is derived from optimal spring rates based on ride frequency. Damper valving is derived from our theoretical best guess of compression vs. rebound forces in every range movement the damper will experience. Once the baselines are established, the suspension prototype is built, and it is taken out on the road and track to evaluate. 

We take tight turns, fast sweepers, bumpy roads, long stretches, rolling hills, dips, potholes, and fast country roads. Our home racetrack circuit has many tight turns, most of them off camber. We want the vehicle to be nimble, controlled, and exhibit flawless neutral balance all the way through the corner, and we want consistency lap after lap.

From there, it is tuned both by feel, and by data. Lap times, tire temperatures, driver feedback all feed any tweaks or changes. Each time we make a change, our suspension dynomometer allows us to precisely measure the shaft speed vs. force for compression and shock rebound. Once we’ve tested our innovations in the shop, we hit the road again. And again. Iteration after iteration until we’re satisfied.

During development, the suspension gets driven by a wide range of drivers, from World Challenge racers, to club racers, to enthusiasts, to soccer moms. Testing is done on track, on the street, back and forth to work and school, and on long highway stretches. Once the suspension is done, we are confident that no matter who you are, you will know that there is something special underneath you.

Our partners

We work with companies who define the state-of-the-art. We then take their technologies and develop our line of performance products for Audi vehicles. We leverage technology from some of the biggest names in the business, companies such as Ohlins who invest millions in R&D each year to develop the best production and competition technology in the world. We choose partners that provide the best quality, best manufacturing processes, and the best tolerance control. These partnerships allow STaSIS to harness the world’s most advanced technology, focusing on designing for performance while leaving the manufacturing to experts.

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