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Wheels & Tires: Completing the Package

The right wheels and tires are like putting high-tech sneakers on your car, adding grip to improve performance and balance to your Audi suspension. 

STaSIS offers lightweight cast and ultra-lightweight forged wheels that are larger and lighter than stock wheels, and designed to fit the precise measurements of each Audi vehicle. Bigger wheels mean bigger tires, better handling, faster acceleration, faster stops, and ultra-high-G cornering. All STaSIS wheels are DOT and JWL certified.

All STaSIS products and packages purchased and installed through a STaSIS-certified dealer are covered by a factory-matching 4-year/50,000-mile warranty.

Cast Wheels

STaSIS cast wheels are larger and lighter than the stock cast wheels, giving you a grip and performance boost over the Audi factory equipment. Because each STaSIS wheel is designed to fit within the precise measurements of each Audi vehicle, you’ll achieve better performance and balance without tire clearance issues.   

Our cast wheels are typically one to two inches larger in diameter than factory wheels, guaranteed to turn heads. They are also typically one to two inches wider, allowing for wider tires that will give the Audi vehicle a more aggressive stance and increase overall grip and performance. STaSIS SE12 cast wheels come in sizes from 19”-21” diameter, and 9-10” wide.

Forged Wheels

Our forged wheels are the ultimate in strength and beauty. Forged with 300 tons of pressure using heat-treated 6061 aluminum alloy, STaSIS forged wheels are extremely lightweight and strong. The forging process produces an enhanced metallurgical grain structure, increasing density while maintaining a high level of elasticity and toughness that allows the wheel to bend rather than crack under punishing conditions and provides better control of the tire contact patch. The STaSIS forged wheel is safer and more cost effective when used in challenging environments, whether you’re driving on a potholed city street or hopping off the curbs of your local race track.

The high-density aluminum structure allows STaSIS forged wheels to be 27 percent lighter than cast wheels of the same size.  STaSIS wheels reduce unsprung weight on each corner of the Audi vehicle compared to the equivalent cast wheel, improving vehicle performance and maneuverability, reducing braking distances, and speeding acceleration.

Our FD11 forged wheels come in 20” and 21” sizes, ranging from 9” wide to a massive 12” wide.  


STaSIS wheels are equipped with high-performance tires optimized for the performance level of each STaSIS package. We offer high-performance summer tires, ultimate-grip competition-level tires, and high-technology winter tires. We balance the complete package so you get the maximum performance out of your Audi vehicle, tailored to your specific use.

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